Here are three techniques you can easily combine to instantly add ten minutes to you sexual performance

Sometimes the best way of tackling a problem is to address it from multiple angles. Never is this more true than when sorting out a problem with premature ejaculation. With something as stubborn as rapid ejaculation, sometimes using one technique alone just isn’t going to cut it. That’s why I’m going to tell you three different things you can easily combine to quickly and easily lengthen how long you can last during sex. As you’ll see, they’re so simple you’ll be able to use them the next time you have sex, even if it’s tonight.

Step one is very straightforward. You need to ejaculate 6 hours before having sex. You can use the conventional porn site or pictures from a free dating site, or just your own imagination yourself. This might sound a little odd, but try it. 6 hours is long enough before having sex to ensure you still feel really horny, but a short enough amount of time to take the edge right off your stimulation centers. In other words, you won’t come as quickly, but you’ll still easily be able to get hard, stay hard and use your penis to its full potential.

Next, you should start in the missionary position. This position gives you the most control, because you’re in charge of how fast and deep you go. Start slowly. Also, make sure your partner’s legs aren’t raised in the air—at least, not yet. If your partner is knowledgeable on how to turn a guy on she will know that when her legs are raised in this position, it will make the stimulation on your penis more intense, which could make you come too quickly.

Finally, breathe deeply. Don’t take shallow, irregular breaths and definitely do not hold your breath at any point, like so many men do. Breath from your stomach, so that your belly expands with every breath you take.

These three techniques, when combined, will give you more control over when you come than you’ve ever had before, simply because of the way they’re designed. Coming the same day takes the edge off your arousal levels, using the missionary position with your partner’s legs flat on the bed gives you the most control over the action, and breathing in the right way keeps you relaxed and anxiety-free, which allows you to concentrate on the sensations in your penis the whole time. This way, you can adjust the sex before you pass the point of no return and experience premature ejaculation.